Cultivating Happiness Is Kinda Our Thing.

What does that mean? Why do we do it? Who is the tribe, anyway?

I’m glad you asked.

The simple answer is we’re a full service wedding photography company. The more colorful answer is we’re here to enrich your lives with a cohesive, artistic, photo collection of your big day.

As the Top Banana around here, I (Michael, that is) get pretty amped about really getting to know my couples so that I can snag moments of organic energy that I know will really mean something to them. I am keen to all of the working elements of your wedding and if I got to spend my life shooting intimate, natural-light weddings in gorgeous outdoor spaces I’d consider that a pretty great life.

What else might you want to know about me? I got my first camera at 12 years old and consequently fell in love. That fervor stuck with me through college (studying fine art and photography in NYC) and then changed my life when I got hired by a fine art photo master whom I assisted for five Years. Around the same time I met the love of my life while doing laundry on a Monday night. The joint was called ‘Cosmo's Launderama’ on East 9th & 1st Ave. in Manhattan and she told her friend upon first glance, “Do you see my future husband sitting in the window over there?” We married several years later and had our son Kai ‘Cosmo’ just after we arrived in California. And it was in sunny California where I finally merged my love of ancient ideas, meditation, and yoga with 20 years of experience making photographs and created the lovechild that is Wonder Tribe—a growing collective of artistic photographers.


A Quick Way To Know You’re In The Right Place:

You’re big hearted, open-minded, with an appreciation for Earth’s art,

Your wedding is taking place somewhere stunning and scenic,

You’re intrigued by fine art and pushing the limits of style.

You happen to be bored with overdone poses and photographs.


At the end of the day, I’ll let the photographs do most of the talking (they have a really cool accent, check them out), but I’ll leave you with this: your wedding photos should induce wonderment, kinship, and practically split your hearts open. That’s my goal, at least. And I hope it’s yours too.



Wedding collections begin at $3,450

Adventure Elopements begin at $1,900

Couple & Portrait Sessions begin at $575




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